A great site to find articles on the Internet
Click here to view an MS Word document that shows the general day-by-day
lesson plan, with homework assignments, by month, for the 2012-2013 school
year--previous months, current month and future months
On Tuesday through Thursday we shall continue our study of John Gray's
Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus.  On Friday we shall
Click here to view a presentation about Men Are From Mars and Women Are
From Venus
Click here to view a Microsoft Excel document that shows the various movies that we shall
view this year.
Here are some websites that complement our in-class and textbook learning.
Here are some general websites for the year.
Psychology in General The Website of the American Psychological Association
Website of Psychology Today   Psychology.net    The Social Psych. Network
Psychotherapy.net        Website of the National Institute of Mental Health
Careers in psychology     More on careers in psychology
Gardner's Learning Intelligences Survey   Humor Therapy
Laughter as Therapy
More About Laughter As Therapy for Stress  Dream Analysis   Dream
2   Dream Analysis 3     Dream Analysis 4
Our course textbook is outstanding: Understanding
by Richard A. Kasschau, Ph.D., published by
Glencoe/McGraw-Hill. At the end of each chapter, the
author includes several analytical, critical thinking and
evaluative questions.  We will generally have students
prepare written or oral reports based on one of the
questions on those pages.
Seniors: it is never too early to start looking into colleges and universities that
you might attend.  Here are some sites that might help you in your search
(incidentally, we shall use these sites when we review testing procedures in
Chapter 11):  
Site 1          Site 2                Site 3
Here are some websites to help you with your research on drugs and their
Site 1: The White House Drug Policy Site--good information about
street terms. Site 2: The White House Drug Policy Site--good information about
the various types of drugs. Site 3: The National Institute of Drug Abuse
Site--very comprehensive information.
Psychology--Pd 4
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Glencoe/ McGraw-Hill
online augmentation to our
textbook: Understanding
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