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Holt, Rinehart & Winston's online World Atlas
Internet Public Library--Presidents
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primary sources
The Library
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This website has many excellent resources: history
The Internet Public Library
Stanislaus County Library Site
Holt, Rinehart & Winston's U. S. history maps and charts
A good site about the results of
American presidential elections
For more research, here is a valuable source: the US Army Center for Military
History webpage.
The White House presidential
history website.
The Smithsonian Institution's Website
A. P. U. S. History
Periods 3 and 6
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"Those who
remember the
past are
condemned to
repeat it."
G. Santayana
National AP US
History Test: Friday,
May 8, 2020 in the
Suggested assignments are as follows (materials can be found on Google
Thu: 4-2: Ch. 27, pp. 728-736, Questions 1-14, and slides 39-84
Fri: 4-3: Ch. 28, pp. 739-749, questions 1-20, and slides 1-100

Mon-Thu, April 6-9 and Spring Break: review Chapters 1-28.

Practice tests (non-graded) are available on AP Classroom

Please read my April 3rd posting on AP Classroom.  It includes some very
important information about the forthcoming national test and the
remainder of the school year.

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"Preservation of one's own culture does not require
contempt or  disrespect of other cultures."       
Cesar Chavez
Here are some excellent websites, some of which are primary sources, which
you can refer to as we cover those topics in class:
Online Scavenger Hunt Links From Revolution to Reconstruction: Key
Documents in U. S. History

World War I Artillery           Trench Foot                 Waterlogged Trenches

Dysentery              Trench Rats             Boy Soldiers           Gas Attacks

Body Lice          Mustard Gas            John J. Pershing           Newton Baker

U. S. Air Aces           Financial Costs           Casualties
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