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Edition) by Zimbardo, et al.
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Advanced Placement Psychology:
Periods 1 and 5
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Reports (CVR) are
due this week.
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Thursday, May 12,
2020, in the
Here are some websites that complement our in-class and textbook learning.
Here are some general websites for the year.  
Psychology in General
The Website of the American Psychological Association  
Website of Psychology Today The Social Psychology Net

For the Ch 10 Project: Queendom and Keirsey Sorter

Websites On Popular Topics to be covered this year
IQ Test Examples 1       IQ Test Examples 2       IQ Test Examples 3
Careers in psychology   More on careers in psychology
Gardner's Learning Intelligences Survey   Humor Therapy Laughter as
Therapy    More About Laughter As Therapy for Stress      Dream Analysis
Dream Analysis 2       Dream Analysis 3     Dream Analysis 4       
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Ch 10     Ch 11      Ch 12     Ch 13        Ch 14
Click here to view an MS Word document that provides the
course syllabus, including the course outline, grading criteria
and classroom rules. Click here to view a document that
provides in-depth information about course objectives. Click
here to view model term paper 1 and here to view model
term paper 2.  
Click here to view an MS Word document that shows the
general day-by-day lesson plan, with homework
assignments, by month for the 2019-2020 school
year--previous months, current month and future months
The national test will cover Chapters 1-11 in our
textbook.  Please review those chapters, I suggest one
chapter per day, and Email me with any questions or
comments you might have.  I stand ready to assist you
in any way.  More information can be found on Google
Classroom, including questions for Chapters 13 and 14
and PowerPoints of same.  Also, I have posted some
practice tests on AP Classroom.  Take the test and I will
provide you feedback.
lease go to Google Classroom (April 3d posting) to
find more specific information about the national test,
which will be on Tuesday, May 19th at 11:00 a.m.

Students, please find your reading discussion
questions and the chapter PowerPoints, by chapter,
below (white boxes).
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