This week our AP Psychology classes will take
their test over Chapter 11 and then begin their
study of Chapter 12, Psychological Disorders.
We shall begin the new chapter by watching a
film clip from the commercial film
Patch Adams,
Our AP US Government and Politics
students will take their test over Ch. 11,
Congress, and will then begin their study of Ch.
12-13, the Presidency and the Executive
Branch. Our AP US History class will study
Chapters 21-22, which deal with the topic of
Info on our AP U. S. History text
Info on our AP Psychology  text
A.P. U. S. History     A. P.  Psychology
A. P. U. S. Gov & Pol
For bonus points, students may research
any topic we are studying that wee
k from
the links included on these pages and then
summarize them in a paragraph.
Click here for the Stanislaus County
Library website

Columbia College: Political
Science 10
Related Links:
Social studies students should remain cognizant of current
events.  Below are links to some online news sources to assist in
your research:
Modesto Bee; MSN; CNN; Time; U. S. News and
World Report; New York Times; Washington Post, The Wall Street
Journal, Psychology Today and
Parents: if you would like to
review the California State
Educational Standards for 11th
grade Social Studies, click here.   
Click here to view released
questions from previous state
Click here to view a great Ellis
Island website where you might
trace some of your roots.
"Those who cannot remember the past
are condemned to repeat it."
George Santayana, 1905
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A. P. U. S. History: Fri: B: 581-589; Mon: B: 592-601; D: 291-303;
Wed: B: 601-609; Fri: D: 303-318

A. P. Psychology: Fri: Ch. 11 Vocabulary test; Mon: Study for Ch. 11
Test on Tue; Tue: 483-491; Wed: Ch 12 Vocab (due Fri) and Ch. 12
Project (due Tue); Thu: 491-497

A. P. Government and Politics: Fri: Study for Ch. 11 Test on Mon;
Mon: 378-395; Thu: 395-401; Fri: 401-410
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A. P. U. S.  History: On Monday and Tuesday we shall discuss
material in Chapter 21, The Age of Progressivism, and then on
Wednesday through Friday we shall discuss material in Ch. 22, the
Progressive Presidents.

A. P. Psychology:  On Monday we shall complete Ch. 11,
Psychological Testing and have a brief discussion on how to
overcome test anxiety.  On Tuesday our students will take their test
over Chapter 11.  On Wednesday through Friday we shall study
psychological disorders.

A. P. U. S. Government and Politics: On Monday our students will
take their test over Chapter 11.
 On Tuesday through Friday we shall
study Ch. 12-13, the presidency and the executive branch of the US
"The end of all education should
surely be service to others."
Cesar Chavez
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